Out-of-Area Owners

If you bought a home in the greater Seattle area, moved out of state, but haven’t sold your
home, you are likely in one of five categories:

Your home is vacant.
You are paying taxes and insurance but aren’t receiving any income on your property. You are seeing it appreciate, but you have been nervous to rent it out due to uncertainty around your next step.

You are renting it out, are receiving monthly income which is just paying the bills. You know the property is appreciating, but are wondering if you should hang onto it or sell.

You are renting it out, the rents have really increased, and you are very happy with how your property is performing.

You are happy with how your property is performing, but are concerned about some of the legislation around tenant screening and evictions will affect your investment if you end up with a lousy tenant.

You are challenged by self-managing or have an under performing property manager, both resulting in stress of being a landlord. Should you vet a new property manager to improve your property's performance or is it time to sell?


It can be tough to follow everything that is going on at the local level, so please consider me your boots-on-the-ground real estate professional. I will keep you informed about changes in the market, local changes you need to know about, and I can also keep you up-to-date about your real estate value so you can track how your investment is doing. And when it is time to sell or add to your investment portfolio, I can do that too!

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