Small Portfolio or New Investors

Investors come in all shapes and sizes. You might think of large apartment buildings and commercial enterprises when you think of investors, but I work with investors that own a few properties as well as people who have built up equity in their primary residence and are looking to add a second property to rent out such as a house or condo. I also work with homebuyers who want to earn extra income with their properties such as renting out rooms in their home, buying a duplex, or adding an attached or detached accessory dwelling unit.

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My background as an appraiser gives me an edge when it comes to determining value and potential of income-producing properties. Unlike a primary residence, investors should use their heads to buy and not make an emotional purchase. When evaluating an investment property, we need to look at the potential tenant pool for a property, determine if anything can be done to improve the investment’s performance, and evaluate the sound-ness of the market for that property. It isn’t just about evaluating square footage and whether the kitchen has been updated.

Ready to ramp up your portfolio? Want to chat about house hacking? I am excited to help you on your property investment journey. Let’s talk!

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My goal is to help you find the best property for your investment goals. Here is an overview of what you can expect when you work with me:

  • Focused research is critical for my investor buyers and it is a key component of my program.
  • Innovative lending solutions are sometimes required and I have resources that can help.
  • Regular homebuyers may have goals in terms of bedrooms and bathrooms, but investors have income goals as well, which will be at the top of my list.
  • Getting creative when it comes to income streams and “house hacking” is a specialty of mine.
  • I can work with 1031 Exchange professionals to strategize your buying and selling timing and targets.